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The School Broadcasting Network Inc – SBN – is a not-for-profit organization and global portal created to give young people a voice in producing media that matters. SBN empowers young people to communicate their ideas, innovations and commitments for sharing culture and creating equitable, just and sustainable societies via a global stage. 

SBN is very honoured to be under the mentorship of our International Patron Dr Jane Goodall, National Patron Dr Peter Ellyard and International Ambassador Erin Schrode

SBN’s youth radio programs offer content rich ‘endutainment’ – created for young people, by young people. Primary Perspectives, winner of Australia’s ‘Best New Radio Talk Program’ at the 2012 CBAA Awards has listeners of all ages on every continent and is now broadcast on over 20 time points each week via terrestrial and internet sites around the world.

SBN’s newest production SwitchOn Saturday launched to rave reviews and all of SBN’s youth programs are now live simulcast and rebroadcast across USA and the Caribbean each week via the Kidz Hub Media Network.



The School Broadcasting Network Inc International & Indigenous Youth Awards are an acknowledgement of young people aged under 13, 13-19 years and 20-25years – who are taking up the challenges of our contemporary world with a passionate commitment to make a positive difference locally and/or globally.

You can nominate any young person from anywhere in the world. All winners will be featured in a profile article in Positive Impact Magazine USA and One Smile Magazine NZ and via global radio interviews (with parent/guardian approval). Winners will receive a SBN International or Indigenous Youth Award trophy and a monetary award. Winners of the Indigenous Award will also receive mentoring from Jane Goodall Institute Australia to broaden their community outreach. All nominations for the SBN Youth Awards will automatically also be entered into the Positive Impact Magazine Awards – giving your nominee 2 chances of winning an award. NOMINATIONS CLOSE 15th November, 2013. Online nomination form is available here.

Winners will be announced on SwitchOn Saturday radio show on 30 November. Below is Nasha Lamoti, equal winner of the inaugural SBN International Indigenous Award 2012, receiving her award in her Masai village in Longido, Tanzania from her nominator Emanuel Saakai, and Tracey Sawyer founder of Testigo Africa. You can read about all the 2012 winners in this article on pages 42/43 from Positive Impact Magazine 2013 summer edition courtesy of the magazine’s founder and editor-in-chief – Charity Beck.

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SBN International Patron Dr Jane Goodall
opening address at the Vision 2020 Youth Symposium

FRANK DIXON Australian Songwriter of the Year
ASA Youth Award 2012 WINNING SONG

KAITLYN THOMAS Australian Songwriter of the Year
ASA Youth Award 2012 2nd PLACE

KAITLYN THOMAS Australian Songwriter of the Year
ASA Youth Award 2012 3rd PLACE